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This is Matt from BroBnB.net … I am your first contact and will try to help you wherever I can. I serve in a small language group in Italy. If you want to find out more about me (which I don’t think would be that interesting in the end) feel free to contact me.

BroBnB.net helps you connect your rental or service to brothers worldwide. Just register your rental or service here to help brothers find you among the millions of offers online!

We keep things inexpensive for everyone. That’s why WE WORK COMMISSION FREE. Like this you as host will get all the profit out of your bookings, while you can keep prices lower for your guests. In the end everybody is crazy happy 🙂

All our packages can be canceled for free, anytime.

EXAMPLE: If you need BroBnB to promote your rental or service only for a couple of month, you can cancel it for free once you don’t need it anymore. You will pay the fee only for the time you use BroBnB. This is especially good for brothers and sisters serving only for a limited period of time as need greaters.


The benefits at a glance

  • You don’t pay any commission!
  • If you want, brothers can contact and book with you directly, so that you safe the commission of other booking pages
  • You can cancel your listing for free, once you don’t need it anymore
  • Brothers worldwide can find you and your rental or service among the millions of offers online
  • You can offer your guests and clients lower prices while keeping your profits high
  • Perfect for need greaters who need to promote their rental or service only for a short period


Submit Your Listing

 Submitting a listing on BroBnB.net is simple. Just 1) choose a package, 2) fill out the registration form, look at a 3) preview of your listing and then 4) submit your listing! Please be sure to upload or send us good pictures of your rental.

If your rental should already be online on another website like AirBnB or Bookingdotcom, feel free to send us the link. We will set these links on your listing page, if that is wanted.


Get More Interest In Your Place

We will regularly make some noise for your rental*, as we are using social media networks to get your rental known among the brothers. We hope that this will connect you to many new friends all over the world.

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*promotion via our social media pages is part of the Bromium Package.